Free version of the ORVI Calculator tool which enables an assessment of financial damage due to the lack of vitality, suboptimal management and / or lack of employee engagement.

Use ORVI Calculator and …

  • estimate in a completely new way the cost of sub-optimal leadership/management and present them on a simple one-page colour infographic.
  • translate in a simple way HR topics in the language of management: the language of money
  • follow the opinion of key managers and reach a greater understanding of HRM issues on their side
  • get the attention of top management, and improve your arguments in acquiring funds for the HRM developmental projects.


You will need to enter the following data:

  • Number of employees
  • Average monthly gross salary in the company
  • The absenteeism rate (total)
  • The turnover rate
  • The average cost of selection and employment (selection, medical examination, occupational safety, licenses …)
  • Annual revenues
  • The annual cost of purchased goods/materials/services
  • The number of strike days